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Kentucky State Open video

Very grateful for this lovely montage by Keith Robbins of last weekend’s Kentucky State Open:


US National Championships 2017

Absolutely thrilled to have won the 2017 United States National 55+ title against my long term rival and great friend Dominic Hughes.

Dominic’s skill, tenacity, sportsmanship and integrity all contributed to a wonderful confrontation that, on this occasion, turned out in my favor.

Many thanks to my coach who has helped me through so many crucial matches and did so again today – my wife Pat Millman.

Thanks also to my sponsors Harrow Sports and Imask protective eyewear.

Also thanks to US Squash and Philidelphia Cricket Club for the event.

And finally to all my friends and students who have been so supportive.

Please come and visit us at Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga TN.

Link to Video of finals including mine:

Start at the 3’45” point to watch Dominic and me.

Richard Millman

Richard Millman

Scenic City Squash

As some of you may know, I have recently relocated to Chattanooga Tennessee to take up the position of Director of Squash at the wonderful purpose built, stand alone Squash club that Mike and Taylor Monen have built: Scenic City Squash ( Squash-578699352285091/).

We have a number of events coming up and those of you who would like to come and work on your games with me at this wonderful little temple of squash, please come and join me for a visit.

To contact me you can either email me at, call 8433237340 or contact me through the Scenic City Squash Facebook page.


Here is an update from the page:

Our next intensive half day Grand Prix No 2 is on April 9th.

The Scenic City Spring Classic will be April 21-23. Come join us!


Press release: The Millman Experience and Richard and Pat Millman are joining Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga!!

We are excited to announce that the Millman Experience will be moving to a new home as of February 27th 2017.

Richard Millman will be joining Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga Tenessee as Director of Squash and Pat Millman will be joining him as Assistant Director. The Millman Experience will have its new base of operations at Scenic City Squash.

” I am absolutely delighted to be able to join Scenic City Squash and Mike and Taylor Monen. The Monens are squash crazy and are highly motivated to help grow the game – not just at Scenic City Squash but everywhere. Their passion for our game exactly mirrors the passion that Pat and I have for the people of Squash and for the sport itself,” said Millman, the owner of The Squash Doctor Corp and the originator of The Millman Experience.

Millman’s first priority will be to develop Scenic City Squash’s programs at all levels, whilst simultaneously developing the Chattanooga club as a ‘go-to’ destination for the development of the game both in terms of coaching and tournament play.

Mike Monen, the owner of Scenic City Squash said,

” We are so excited to bring Richard and Pat Millman into our Scenic City Squash Family. It’s seriously a dream come true and I look forward to working with them to make Scenic City Squash the absolute best it can be. I look forward to what the future brings and making a life long friendship with the Millman squash family. ”

Millman will offer The Millman Experience at Scenic City Squash and will welcome students of the game from all over the world to study with him at the Tennessee club. He will also continue to attend major masters events and will take players from Scenic City Squash with him both to tournaments and on tour to the UK and elsewhere.

(Below: photos of Scenic City Squash, Richard Millman, Richard and Pat Millman, The Millman Experience.

      Here’s my latest article from Squash Magazine:



      As the world’s sportsmen and women meet in Rio Di Janeiro, I ponder on what Pierre De Coubertin might have thought about an International Olympic Committee that repeatedly snubbed the sport that is widely acknowledged to be the ‘world’s healthiest sport.’

      Perhaps he would reflect that the modern Olympics has no need of a sport that is deemed to be the ‘healthiest’ and the ‘fittest.’

      Perhaps he would reflect that the organizing powers might feel uncomfortable with healthy and fit athletes. 

      Or that perhaps they no longer recognize those attributes as being laudable.

      Perhaps Citius Altius Fortius is no longer necessary.

      He would have to accept that the Olympic Committee no longer strives for those very ideals that he founded the modern Olympics upon.

      He would have to accept that in the modern world there are limits to the Olympic Ideals – that giving up on excellence is Ok and that not trying is acceptable in the face of pressure.

      Oh well – I guess Squash will have to strive for its own Olympic Ideals.

      Is it a fair question to ask whether or not the modern Olympic organization merits the title Olympic? Are they truly pursuing De Coubertin’s principles?
      Richard Millman

      Aug 9th 2016.

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