Credit where credit’s due

Credit where credit’s due. I have been criticized recently for seeming to be harsh in my criticism of some of the decisions and choices that those in positions of power in our sport have either made or failed to make. I am not a competitor in a popularity contest. I have been a Squash professionalContinue reading “Credit where credit’s due”

Did we fail Greg Gaultier?

A week has passed and the dust has settled in Manchester. AJ Bell contributed to our sport in a way that few have done, providing an opportunity for the spectacular presentation of the premier Men’s Squash Tournament in the world. Nick Matthew established that he is truly one of the greats of the game, ridingContinue reading “Did we fail Greg Gaultier?”

How many thinkers are there in the game of Squash?

In the game of Squash world-wide, we are indeed fortunate to have an enormously broad and deep human asset pool. We have innovators who are developing the way the game is broadcast. Innovators who are developing the way the game is marketed. Innovators who are constantly striving to evolve the equipment we use. But howContinue reading “How many thinkers are there in the game of Squash?”