The Millman Experience – Next edition

Hi folks, I am writing to invite you to the next edition of ‘The Millman experience’, my intensive training program for competitive Squash enthusiasts of all ages at Meadow Mill Athletic Club, in Baltimore on the weekend of December 5th,6th and 7th The schedule will be as follows: Friday December 5th 5pm-8.30pm Saturday December 6thContinue reading “The Millman Experience – Next edition”

More Musings and Ramblings from The Squash Doctor.

More musings and ramblings from The Squash Doctor. Pre-ramble I apologize that it has been a while since my last written rant on the subject of Squash, my up and down competitive journey and things that are current in my thinking and/or interest. Some of you may be grateful for this lapse since several ofContinue reading “More Musings and Ramblings from The Squash Doctor.”