The Millman Experience weekend club program

IMG_0164Are you a club, school or college that is interested in being at the forefront of development and entertainment in Squash?

Or are you a Professional Coach who is always on the lookout for a new and interesting program for your students that is also an additional source of income for you?

If so, let me introduce you to The Millman Experience weekend program.

Over the course of a weekend, The Millman Experience offers an exciting combination of education, training and entertainment that will leave students excited, energized and enthusiastic to work on their games.

The program can be co-hosted by the resident pro or I can run it on my own.

Students can ( and should be) any level from intermediate to advanced, from junior to adult, male and female.

The program combines information, participation, study, community team work, fun and hard work!

If you would like to bring The Millman Experience weekend to your facility, please contact me at: or call me on 843 323 7340.

I look forward to meeting you for an exciting and entertaining weekend of Squash!


Quotes from previous Millman Experience participants:

“Richard kind of blew my mind. After  playing at an elite level for 30 years, I was stunned to discover how many new things there were to learn….and how many things I had misunderstood for years.”

Will Carlin
Former US #1
Former US National Champion

” I am a better coach after having partaken in the Millman Experience. Great insights into critical areas such as form, balance and strategy!”

Coach Duilio Costa.

“I used to think at 47 I could never get any better and certainly I’d never be as good as I was when I was younger. After working with Richard I’m playing better than I ever have at any time in my life. He helped me realize there is so much more to squash than your age.”

Craig Medvecky, 47 year old 5.0 player

“Since participating in the Millman Experience I have improved all facets of my game both mental and physical; I play with so much more confidence, patience and savvy.
Learning Richards methods and philosophy to the game is what makes the Millman Experience so unique and effective. I have recommended him to everyone I play.”

Julie Kessler
49 year old
to play as an adult 15 years ago
Compete in US National and International tournaments
Started as a Women’s C player in my first Howe Cup now competing in and winning singles and doubles tournaments.

“Richard, has a long history of total dedication to the art of squash. Be  prepared to open your mind to the possibilities. Discuss and learn the reasons behind the shot selection . Discover why Richards rally cycle and movement are the central themes to a sound squash game.
No one is left out, Young and Old, beginner to Advanced, all are welcome in Richards Village.”

Dan Korn
A level club player.
20 yrs experience.

Richard Millman is the Isaac Newton of squash: a visionary who makes you look at the game in a whole new light. And his camps reflect that vision: you’ll learn to think about and enjoy the game on a whole new level.

Sven Krogius, age 50. Former ranked junior and varsity college player.

I am a 72 year old competitive, tournament squash player ranked #2 nationally and past age group National Champion who has played the game for over 45 years.

I recently participated in a two day training session with Richard Millman. I find it hard to express the enormous positive effect of the Millman Experience on my game. The “Millman Experience” totally changed my perception and concept of the game. Richard’s insight and analysis of the game gave me an understanding of how the game should be played that had eluded me in the past. Indeed an eye-opening experience after playing at a high competitive level for over 45 years. The effect on my game was immediate and the improvement instantaneous. In just a few hours I was given a new approach to my game and the strategy and tools to continue to improve on my own. Upon my return to my home club my opponents immediately noticed a marked improvement in my play. Thank you Richard.

Bert Kornyei
Salt Lake


Published by millmansquash

Richard Millman, a world renowned Squash Professional, has trained children, high school students, and adults to achieve all levels of proficiency and realize the enjoyment they derive from squash. A multiple time National Coach for the United States, Richard has steered many teams to championships and successes! His students include British Junior Open Champion, Michelle Quibell, as well as multiple National junior and adult champions. With his wife Pat, England’s 2010 Captain of the Ladies over 55+ team, and 2010 US National Champion over 55, Richard brought his vision and enthusiasm for this sport to the United States. A regular contributor to Squash Magazine, Richard is also the co-author of "Raising Big Smiling Squash Kids," with Georgetta Morque, and "Angles, A Squash Anthology." Richard's 30 year love for Squash is infectious. His love for kids is infectious. Put these two loves together, and you can't help but want to get involved as well.

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