Ramy Ashour: An unconscious hero.

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Understanding Ramy Ashour: An unconscious hero

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Richard Millman, a world renowned Squash Professional, has trained children, high school students, and adults to achieve all levels of proficiency and realize the enjoyment they derive from squash. A multiple time National Coach for the United States, Richard has steered many teams to championships and successes! His students include British Junior Open Champion, Michelle Quibell, as well as multiple National junior and adult champions. With his wife Pat, England’s 2010 Captain of the Ladies over 55+ team, and 2010 US National Champion over 55, Richard brought his vision and enthusiasm for this sport to the United States. A regular contributor to Squash Magazine, Richard is also the co-author of "Raising Big Smiling Squash Kids," with Georgetta Morque, and "Angles, A Squash Anthology." Richard's 30 year love for Squash is infectious. His love for kids is infectious. Put these two loves together, and you can't help but want to get involved as well.

2 thoughts on “Ramy Ashour: An unconscious hero.

  1. Love the title Richard. Let’s start getting players, coaches and even parents considering the value of the training their subconscious mind to produce the results they desire.

    It’s by far the biggest gap in squash training to date. That’s been my focus as a coach the last 9 years after an almost fatal car t boned me at an intersection totalling my car and pushing me sideways for nearly 25 feet.

    The description of the approaching truck is dominated by the primary brain (humans actually have 3 primary parts to our brain). Or sometimes known as the reptilian brain. The experience you describe is what neuroscience calls the fight or flight reaction. Yes goberned by the subconscious which can moves about 40 billion bits of data per second compared to the conscious mind which sadly only moves about 40 bits / sec. But that’s not even the most impressive part, it’s how it organizes everything else in the correct sequence and order thats so incredible. One might say it’s almost God-like (regardless if your religion). And you wouldn’t be far off. The nerve groups, synapses, neuro connections is an incredibly complex arrangement by design. And it would have to in order to control the approximately 100 trillion cells in each human body. Including yours and mine.

    The unconscious mind, I believe that Ramy and any other athlete is so consistent and successful in creating, is in their ability to have an incredibly clear, vivid, detailed and emotional attachment to their desired result. In the form of guided meditation. Whether self created or one created for them by a professional mind coach like myself.

    Even details such as using the correct words (self talk as you eluded to which Ramy is known to do often. Even Power did it in his own special way), length of the meditation, intensity, breathing, tonality, and several other techniques have a scientifically proven formula to manifest ones desired resultNH (s).

    The great thing (especially for young kids and students) is this type of mental conditioning training has been found to improve many other areas of your life like health, relationship and even excellent for studying. A recent Harvard study just released speaks about this phenomenom. And wouldn’t iy be great to have this knowledge as a kid. Imagine how much better your life as an adult would of been.

    But It’s ok, we are not hard wires like science thought as recent as 10 years ago. It actually doesnt matter how old one it, we can actually rewire our brains to hain netter life results.

    So if people are serious about improving thier sports results they really need to start training from their inside out. It’s yhe mind that controls the bidy, not the other way around.

    I hope this helps a few of your amazing readers.


    And congratulations to Ramy and both players. El Shorbagy will lift a world champion trophy one day in the near future. Because he has already been training his mind in thay direction. But most athletes when asked to explain how they do it could not begin to explain the correct sequence, details and formula. Because they are doing it purely on emotion (the 2nd part of the human brain).

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