US National Championships 2017

Absolutely thrilled to have won the 2017 United States National 55+ title against my long term rival and great friend Dominic Hughes.

Dominic’s skill, tenacity, sportsmanship and integrity all contributed to a wonderful confrontation that, on this occasion, turned out in my favor.

Many thanks to my coach who has helped me through so many crucial matches and did so again today – my wife Pat Millman.

Thanks also to my sponsors Harrow Sports and Imask protective eyewear.

Also thanks to US Squash and Philidelphia Cricket Club for the event.

And finally to all my friends and students who have been so supportive.

Please come and visit us at Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga TN.

Link to Video of finals including mine:

Start at the 3’45” point to watch Dominic and me.

Richard Millman

Richard Millman

Published by millmansquash

Richard Millman, a world renowned Squash Professional, has trained children, high school students, and adults to achieve all levels of proficiency and realize the enjoyment they derive from squash. A multiple time National Coach for the United States, Richard has steered many teams to championships and successes! His students include British Junior Open Champion, Michelle Quibell, as well as multiple National junior and adult champions. With his wife Pat, England’s 2010 Captain of the Ladies over 55+ team, and 2010 US National Champion over 55, Richard brought his vision and enthusiasm for this sport to the United States. A regular contributor to Squash Magazine, Richard is also the co-author of "Raising Big Smiling Squash Kids," with Georgetta Morque, and "Angles, A Squash Anthology." Richard's 30 year love for Squash is infectious. His love for kids is infectious. Put these two loves together, and you can't help but want to get involved as well.

3 thoughts on “US National Championships 2017

  1. I have seen Richard Millman play a couple of times and like his style of play.
    I have seen Dominic Hughes play a couple of times and like his style of play.
    I wish I had seen the match today. I expect that it was the most attractive match of the tournament. If there is a link to some video footage please let me know.

    1. Thank you for your generous remarks David. The video of the match is the second of the matches that were recorded on the Club Locker livestream. You can find it on the link on this article or through

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