Training videos are taken to assist coaching and for students to observe their progress. This tool provides students and the coach an interactive way to see and measure skill growth.

This video was taken at The Charleston Collegiate School of Richard working with the students to learn and perfect their forehand and backhand skills.



8 thoughts on “Training

  1. Richard
    please send me your email address to discuss our plans for The Squash Center further. thanks.

    1. Hi Brett,

      Thanks so much for your kind offer. I was thinking more in terms of the whole Squash community rather than myself – although I would die for a center in Charleston and indeed I have the offer of land at a local school – I just don’t know how to raise the funds for the building.
      Charleston has multiple public and private schools all of whom would benefit from Squash in their lives and in particular the Urban program we started four years ago – Chucktown Squash has no facility to play at. The school that has offered the land absolutely ‘gets’ Squash and has a wonderful scholarship and diversity program that would embrace Chucktown Squash in a heartbeat.

      I predict that 8-10 very basic Squash courts in Charleston would, over the course of 20 years as students learned the game, progressed the high learning institutions and returned to their roots, materially change Charleston’s quality of life.

      If you can help a poor itinerant Squash pro in this vein you will be considered for sainthood ( at least by me).

      Again thanks for all your help and I fully understand if your other concerns are prohibitive.



    2. Hi Richard, I read your piece about mandatory eye guards for pros. Although I disagree with you, I see no point arguing as most of the squash world is in accord with you. I would like to ask you though, whether you think it’s advisable to take a public position on the grounds of your undoubted expertise in the game without disclosing that you hold a distributorship for eye guards? I’m not accusing you of anything bad – rather it makes a stronger case for your side if you don’t APPEAR to be engaging in a conflict of interest. I didn’t want to write this on DSR as I’m sure there was no actual conflict in your choice to write.

      I see from this visit to your site that your dad has written a relativity book. I always love those and will probably check it out at some point. I often find myself giving a quickie talk about special relativity (there are no quickies about general!) to my english classes. They always tell me their physics teachers refuse to go into it until they’re ready, but probably they just know I’m easy to distract from work. I mostly use the mirrors on a train but I’m always looking for other ways to make it comprehensible.

      Hope your camps are going well, CHeers, Sasha

      1. Hi Sacha
        Thanks for your thoughtful comment.
        It’s a fair point although I have no problem with promoting eye wear while being a distributor as the reason I am a distributor is because I believe that eye injuries are preventable with the right eyewear. Twenty years ago when I first came to the US I could’nt get on with most sunglass style eyewear and them I discovered IMask and fell in love with it -hence I bought the distributorship.
        My wife and I make a very small amount from Sales annually but on the other hand we receive so many messages of support and pleasure about the product that it makes the effort worthwhile.
        I will follow your advice in the interests of clarity in the future when I write about this.
        PS my Dad’s book is a labor of love that he has produced himself without professional publication. I am biased but I really enjoy his thought process and teasing out of the ideas. Hope you do if you decide to read it.

  2. Hi Richard,
    I’d like to get some more details about the June 20-22 session at the Meadow Mill Athletic Club since I would be flying in for it. Could you please contact me at
    -Jim Boggs
    PS: Jason Osborne in Durham, NC raves about you.

      1. Hi Richard,
        Thank you for the great work you do for players & the squash community. Unfortunately I’ll be in Singapore in August & September for work (they have a great squash scene there though).
        Please keep us posted on your upcoming trainings (as early as possible for those of us with intense travel schedules, please!).

  3. Mr. Millman,

    I am inquiring about the Summer Boot Camp 1 held in Charleston from June 2 – 6 for friends who live in Russia that want to travel and attend your camp. My friend is not sure how to register for the June session, so I would like to know what she needs to do in order to sign up and pay for the camp. In Moscow, she participates regularly in squash events. Her daughter wants to learn how to play and they want to attend the camp and make it a family vacation. Please let me know what she needs to complete in order to be able to participate.

    Thank you,

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