What People Are Saying…

“Richard, of the many squash coaches I know, best combines the knowledge of the sport and the business of sport than anyone I have encountered.”

“I have the highest regard for Richard’s passion, skill and integrity in the greatest of life sports – squash. He is an invaluable resource, mentor and engine for the sport.”

“Richard thinks through things at a profound level coming up with solutions and perspectives that are far ahead of his peers. And he’s a first-rate communicator and mentor. Never met anyone with his skills.”

“Richard is a lifelong squash professional. He has coached and played at all levels of the sport, has written a book on developing squash programs, and writes regularly for Squash Magazine. His knowledge of all things squash is unsurpassed, and he presents it one-on-one in novel and highly useable ways. If you want to know anything about squash, Richard is a premier resource.”

“I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Richard and his wife, Pat, while I was a freshman walk-on squash player at Cornell University in 1995. When I played for Richard for 3 years at Cornell, I instantly noticed his endless knowledge of the game of squash as well as his ability to distill complex aspects of the game to simple, easily digestible lessons that could be utilized and mastered by both the youngest players on our team as well as the most advanced, experienced players on our team. Richard also had the ability to keep up (and oftentimes beat) college age players both on training runs and in matches. Aside from being an amazing coach and training partner, Richard also grew to be an incredible friend over the years, so much so that he and Pat honored my wife and our families by attending our wedding in 2006, over 10 years after Richard and I first met. I will always treasure Richard as a coach, mentor and friend.”

“Richard is a talented teacher, businessman and an exceptional human being. His work ethic is outstanding and he is a prince among men


“Richard is a very detail oriented Squash Coach and Squash provider to many people. He has had a profound impact on the level of many players’ improvement and abilities over the years. The depth of Richards squash knowledge is boundless, this is literally obvious through the books he has written and published. Squash plays a major role in Richard’s life and he passes on that passion for the sport to all who have the pleasure of working with him.”

“Richard is one of the most talented, creative, thoughtful squash coaches in the world. I learn things from him every time I read one of his articles or get to talk to him.

“Richard uses the game of squash to effect positive change in the lives of those he coaches and mentors. And he does this very well. I’ve participated in his clinics and tournaments, from which I took an improved understanding of squash and the nature of competition.”

“Richard is one of the most creative thinkers about the game of squash. His love of the game is infectious and he is a joy to watch play. ”

“I have known Richard for many years as a very hard working player, coach and businessman in the squash community. He has always been on top of what is happening and is well respected in the community.”


Richard is the consummate professional, always delivering results with attention to detail. I have known Richard for many years and he still amazes me with his drive and attention to detail. As a Squash Professional, I have never seen Richard have a bad day at the office. He is always focused on you, his client, when he is on the court to help you gain maximum results. ”

“Richard is a fantastic squash coach and motivator. I do wish he were still located nearby so I could continue to improve my game. ”

“I have known Richard for many years through previous companies that I have worked and also through international SPORTgroup. Richard is a very successful and prominent figure within the sport of squash with an excellent reputation as a coach, author, player and enthusiast. Richard has proven himself as a pioneer within squash & has the capability of developing into further areas of the game. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard personally or professionally.”

“I attended a very well run and extremely beneficial Squash Camp run by Richard Millman and came away with a much better understanding of the game and significantly better skills. I credit Richard with being one of the most important elements in my becoming a much better player including qualifying and competing in the US Squash Nationals last year in Baltimore MD. I would never hesitate to recommend Richard to anyone committed to understanding the game better and being desirous of a better, solid, more well rounded squash game.”

“Richard coached me as a junior playing county squash for Norfolk in England. A top-class player, he is an excellent coach who is good both technically and tactically. Personable and a good motivator, I would not hesitate to recommend him.”


Richard is a very experienced competitive squash player and squash coach, and has the skills and intuition to help a player mold his or her strengths and weaknesses into a stronger overall game.”


Richard is one of the best squash coaches in the country, a fabulous player to watch on court and pleasant to work with.”

“Richard has educated and inspired my family on and off the squash court for years. His squash programs are always well run. My son enjoyed participating in his junior programs, and has carried lessons learned on the squash court on to other endeavors.”

“Richard is a world-class squash coach, deeply expert in the game, and great to spend time with. His instruction of both my ten and twelve year old sons, as well as me, has been a pleasure and produced the right results.”

“Aside from being one of the most talented shotmakers over the past quarter century in US Squash, Richard is a top-notch instructor who has coached many juniors to national rankings and beyond.

More than that, though, Richard continues his lifelong involvement in squash because it remains his passion. He loves the game, he loves talking about the game, and he loves seeing other people succeed in the game. Spending time with him in any of his squash capacities (coach, instructor, opponent, author, and yes, even poet) is rewarding. There is a reason why he is many people’s favorite player to watch and spend time with.”

“When we brought our oldest daughter to Richard in 1998, he was known then, and is still known, as “the top coach”. Richard trained our daughter and was instrumental in helping her and many top players to compete in squash at top colleges. From a business perspective, he is a creative force and a resourceful self- starter. He has advanced business acumen and has demonstrated excellent skills while managing sports related entities. He is able to envision the “bigger picture” and would be an asset to any business enterprise in the sports arena


“When we brought our oldest daughter to Richard in 1998, he was known then, and is still known, as ‘the top coach’. Richard trained our daughter and was instrumental in helping her and many top players to compete in squash at top colleges. From a business perspective, he is a creative force and a resourceful self- starter. He has advanced business acumen and has demonstrated excellent skills while managing sports related entities. He is able to envision the ‘bigger picture’ and would be an asset to any business enterprise in the sports arena.”


Richard’s coaching and squash program development are of the first class, and a wonderful contribution to his community and the game. He is well known, liked and respected in the world of squash. His energy and enthusiasm are unbounded.”

“Richard is a highly motivated and very dynamic Squash Professional. I had the honor and the pleasure to have it as my coach during the time he worked as the head coach at the Concourse Athletic Club in Atlanta, GA. He was always concerned with improving the overall program for the benefit of the players and the Athletic Club. He always approached members in a very professional and respectful manner. I highly recommend Richard as a coach and as a very loyal friend.”


Richard is awesome squash trainer, accomplished player, great organizer and professional par excellence. He is always keen to help and explain his views of your game and how to improve it. He does so in such way that goes beyond simple words…once you meet him, you do not forget. He is truly ‘The Squash Doctor’ and I am grateful for the few occasions we had on and off the courts.”

“Richard is a conscientious, determined, reliable and hard-working individual who sets himself (and those around him) very high standards. He is happiest when fully involved and engaged in any project that he feels passionately about. This reflected in his long list of life achievements thus far. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is considering him for prospective employment; he will be a considerable asset.”

“Richard is the ideal coach – he can dissect your skills, work on your weaknesses, and capitalize on your strengths, He will work with you on drills to improve your game and provide clear explanations and demonstrations to help you master the game. While he does this as a squash coach, he also provides great life lessons for the young players he coaches. Our son attended several camp weeks with Richard and his staff – and ended up as the Bronze National Finalist in his age group. Along the way, he learned how to deal with defeat graciously, to encourage friendly play with opponents, and to help other players improve their squash game. Richard is also a highly regarded poet and frequent contributor to Squash Magazine, in addition to being a British, U.S. and Canadian national champion! ”

“Richard is an amazing Squash Coach for all levels. In just six weeks, I have made huge improvements in my overall game and feel much more comfortable on the court than I ever have before. I would highly recommend Richard to any squash player of any level.”

“Richard is one of the best Squash Coaches in the industry. I would recommend him highly to anyone, including parents of aspiring athletes.”

SH – England Squash over 55 Captain
“Richard Millman is one of the top “squash brains” in the world. His knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm are remarkable. I wholeheartedly recommend Richard as a coach, administrator, mentor and player. A unique individual.”

“Richard’s products and services are of the highest quality.”

“Richard provided invaluable advice which determined the choice by Sleepy Hollow Country Club of a specific contractor, who built our new squash facility of 3 singles and one doubles court.in 2011. I have known Richard for some 20 years, and have significantly benefited from squash lessons given by him.”

“Richard’s cerebral approach to squash allows the pupil to understand the premise/theory and then apply it both in practice and in matches. With his help my game has greatly improved.”

“The best squash racquets coach in the United States and England.”


We are personal friends and he has taught me squash over a ten-year period. Without question the finest sports teacher I have ever had in any sport, and the best sports mind I’ve ever encountered. Add to this a fine character and easy personality and you have the dream teacher.”


Richard is one of the most professional and experienced squash instructors and program builders in the country. As an author, coach, facility designer, club manager and more, Richard is deeply integrated into squash on every level and has a particularly excellent perspective on youth in sport.”

“Richard Millman is one of the leading squash professionals on the planet. He is a published author, “Raising Big Smiling Squash Kids,” and is a regular contributor to magazines like “Squash Magazine” where he writes intelligently about the sport of squash. His knowledge extends far beyond hitting the ball. He writes and coaches thoughtfully on tactics, training, nutrition, and diet. In 1995, Richard was the US National Team coach for the PanAm Games, the first time squash was included in the games. He later returned to serve as team manager. He led the Cornell University squash program for three years, where he started the women’s squash program. I am aware of at least four age group national titles that he has won in the United States. And I am sure he was won dozens of additional tournaments in the U.S. and in international competition. As an entrepreneur, Richard has been invited to build several squash and athletics programs. He is smart, hard working, and a respected voice in our industry.

“Richard is a top-notch player, with a lot of experience and knowledge of the game yet his main attribute is his passion for the game of squash and his desire to grow the interest for squash for current players and curious ones. His style of teaching, shows you his passion and respect for the game, he is a great reader for individual assessment of a player and his flexibility allows people to understand the game from an easier perspective. Get to meet him and you’ll find how squash can be more than fun, it’ll become a part of your life and you will not regret it.”


Richard is a tremendous squash professional. He is an excellent coach for adults and a wonderful mentor for younger players.”

“Richard Millman is a dependable, honest and agile businessman. I’ve known him since the 1995. All dealings with him have been top notch.”

I work with families and companies to assess the risks they face and develop a plan to manage those risks

. Richard is an excellent squash coach/teacher that will develop a program specifically tailored to your needs. This program, along with practice, will produce results and improve your game.”


I have been very lucky to have met Richard in the squash world. I feel he is one of the very best coaches that I have worked with. I use his coaching and court lessons from Squash News all the time. I feel he is one who when he states what he believes I can hear it very clearly.”

“Having known Richard for many years, played in his tournaments, taken his advice, lost to him regularly and asked him to provide instruction for the Southeastern Squash Racquets Association, I regard him as one of the finest squash professionals I have encountered in 30 years in the sport. I recommend Richard without hesitation for teaching, training, or just carrying on about squash.”


It’s been a pleasure to know and work with Richard for the past five years, on and off of the squash court. Richard is an innovative squash professional, dedicated to his students, and inspirational in his personal competitive achievements.”

“I’m happy to write about Richard. He has a unique ability to provide advice on not just what to do on the court, but why. He makes me think.”

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