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US National Championships 2017

Absolutely thrilled to have won the 2017 United States National 55+ title against my long term rival and great friend Dominic Hughes.

Dominic’s skill, tenacity, sportsmanship and integrity all contributed to a wonderful confrontation that, on this occasion, turned out in my favor.

Many thanks to my coach who has helped me through so many crucial matches and did so again today – my wife Pat Millman.

Thanks also to my sponsors Harrow Sports and Imask protective eyewear.

Also thanks to US Squash and Philidelphia Cricket Club for the event.

And finally to all my friends and students who have been so supportive.

Please come and visit us at Scenic City Squash in Chattanooga TN.

Link to Video of finals including mine:

Start at the 3’45” point to watch Dominic and me.

Richard Millman

Richard Millman

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