Archive | 03/11/2017

Flattered,humbled and honored.

This story appeared recently on the SESRA news page. Thank you Erik.

Scenic City Squash

As some of you may know, I have recently relocated to Chattanooga Tennessee to take up the position of Director of Squash at the wonderful purpose built, stand alone Squash club that Mike and Taylor Monen have built: Scenic City Squash ( Squash-578699352285091/).

We have a number of events coming up and those of you who would like to come and work on your games with me at this wonderful little temple of squash, please come and join me for a visit.

To contact me you can either email me at, call 8433237340 or contact me through the Scenic City Squash Facebook page.


Here is an update from the page:

Our next intensive half day Grand Prix No 2 is on April 9th.

The Scenic City Spring Classic will be April 21-23. Come join us!


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