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As the world’s sportsmen and women meet in Rio Di Janeiro, I ponder on what Pierre De Coubertin might have thought about an International Olympic Committee that repeatedly snubbed the sport that is widely acknowledged to be the ‘world’s healthiest sport.’

Perhaps he would reflect that the modern Olympics has no need of a sport that is deemed to be the ‘healthiest’ and the ‘fittest.’

Perhaps he would reflect that the organizing powers might feel uncomfortable with healthy and fit athletes. 

Or that perhaps they no longer recognize those attributes as being laudable.

Perhaps Citius Altius Fortius is no longer necessary.

He would have to accept that the Olympic Committee no longer strives for those very ideals that he founded the modern Olympics upon.

He would have to accept that in the modern world there are limits to the Olympic Ideals – that giving up on excellence is Ok and that not trying is acceptable in the face of pressure.

Oh well – I guess Squash will have to strive for its own Olympic Ideals.

Is it a fair question to ask whether or not the modern Olympic organization merits the title Olympic? Are they truly pursuing De Coubertin’s principles?
Richard Millman

Aug 9th 2016.

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