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Wonderful weekend for the Millman Experience…….

Coaching is a very full life and at times extremely demanding.

But every once in a while the fruits of both the coach’s and the student’s labors offer sweet rewards.

Such was the case for me this weekend.

Simultaneously I was running a Millman Experience training weekend in The Research Triangle area of North Carolina, while one of my leading students and his teammates that I had had the privilege of working with for a week earlier this season were competing in the Hoehn ( B) division of the Collegiate Squash Association’s national team champs and also while many of my junior students were competing in the Mid Atlantic Regional Championships.

As you can imagine one can feel almost schizophrenic with so many invested interests.

Fortunately my Gemini birth sign helps me divide myself effectively and -Wow! what a wonderful weekend!

First I personally had a most fulfilling weekend with my Millman Experience group – all of whom visibly progressed over the weekend and went away apparently highly enthused to continue their development.

Next I had a wonderful text from my friend and student David Cromwell telling me that despite losing their no 1 player to Mono and he having had to step up to the number one spot, his Middlebury college team had wrested a famous victory today against Brown University – he himself winning in the fifth and his team mates demonstrating the team work and camaraderie that both I and their excellent coach Mark Lewis had encouraged them to build.

More music to the old coach’s ears.

Finally I received not one but multiple messages from the group of junior students that I am fortunate enough to work with at Meadow Mill Athletic Club in Baltimore.

I am delighted to say that all my students whether winners or losers seem to have performed extremely well at the Mid Atantic Regional junior champs at Meadow Mill this weekend .

I am proud of all of those that I am lucky enough to work with and I also share those congratulations with some of the other Meadow Mill coaches who work with these players.

Special mention to my students

Ben Korn -mid  Atlantic Regional U19 boys champion

Cullen Little – mid Atlantic Regional  U17 boys finalist

Rohan Korn – mid Atlantic Regional U15 boys Champion

Isaac Mitchell – mid Atlantic Regional U13 boys Champion.

As I said – all my players seemingly have stepped up and used the training that we have done together successfully this weekend – but for the four boys mentioned above – this is a wonderful and memorable milestone in their development.
The winning is frankly a bonus – the meat on the bones is that they focused not on the result but on the way they played and in performing got the result they deserved.

I know their will be many more weekends of mixed feelings and even disappointment.

But this weekend everything came together!


Millman Experience 2/13 and 14 at St Luke’s New Canaan

imageJust a quick note to thank all those that participated in the latest edition of the Millman Experience last weekend at St Luke’s School New Canaan, CT.
Particular thanks to Jen Gabler for pulling it together and to Brian Mathias for hosting us at St Lukes.
The group was a wonderful team – who gelled particularly well and contributed to each other’s learning process perfectly. Well done everyone!

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