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How to become a great sports dad

Food for thought for all of us in Squash

For The Win

It’s easy to be a great sports dad. Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to become a terrible one. With Father’s Day approaching FTW lists 11 ways to become the former and avoid being the latter.

1. Your child is not getting a college scholarship.

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Go in with that mentality, please. If he or she happens to be good enough to get one, fantastic. But don’t think of your chid’s fun activities as something that’s going to save you money down the road. If that’s your primary goal when signing Junior up for first-grade basketball, you’re going to take the fun out of all of it, for both you and your child.

2. Don’t bother the coach. Ever.

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I don’t care if you played midfielder for your Division II college. I don’t care if you played midfielder for a team that won the Division I national championship. I don’t care…

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