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Ramy Ashour: An unconscious hero.

See my latest article on Ramy and his World Championship performance here at

Help! Can you help promote Masters Squash in the USA and Canada

Dear Friends,

In my position as his highness, the Chairman of US Masters Squash, I have been asked by our CEO to help to promote our Masters divisions at the US Masters Championships and else where.

I am writing to you to ask for your assistance in this matter.

As has been shown recently, the Masters Squash players of North America are a fine and competitive group, especially when we band together and gather our strength in numbers.

More than ever before we are featuring in World Competitions. With Willie Hosey, Susan Lawrence, Mike Gough, Natalie Grainger, Gerry Poulton, Mariza Ohlsson, Vince Taylor, Dominic Hughes, Beth Federowich, Tom Rumpler, Steve Wren, Hope Prockup and several more of our players gaining worldwide fame for their endeavors.

However the peak of the pyramid is only able to attain such heights if the base is broad.

We are effectively a team training together and we are either strengthened or weakened by the depth and breadth of our competitions.

Beyond the competition we are in essence a group of kindred spirits.

Each year that our national championship numbers dwindle, each of us loses a part of ourselves and that which we have so enjoyed in the past. On the other hand, when we grow – then our hearts are full.

So this year I am appealing for your help.

I am asking you to send your own appeal to all of your contacts in your approximate agegroup asking them to participate in Masters competitions this year.

I personally will be going to Tom Rumpler’s Friends of Squash Grand Masters in Atlanta Dec 12-14, to the US Masters at the McArthur Center in Charlottesville VA March 13-15 2015 and to the Canadian Masters at the National Squash Academy in Toronto April 29-May 3 2015.

Perhaps you have some other favorite masters events you would like to publicize also?

If so please add them to your email and copy me with your correspondence to your friends.

Let’s really beat the bushes and get all the Master’s players in the US and Canada to support Masters Squash by showing up and playing in these events.

If you can’t help I understand. But if you can, thank you on all our behalves.



The Millman Experience December 5-7, 2014 at Meadow Mill

imageHi Folks

Just two more weeks to sign up for the December 5-7 Millman Experience at Meadow Mill Athletic Club in Baltimore.

Contact me right away to sign up!



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